This is Weirding.

About changes in the direction of Growls and Shrieks.

I'd mentioned on Twitter recently that I had some changes planned for Growls and Shrieks. So here's the deal.

While I've loved doing every single interview that's made up the bulk of what gets published here, I've simply run out of time to consistently do them justice at the pace I was churning them out. JF and I have put out two albums, an EP, and a non-album single since this past October and we're currently in the process of mixing two new albums. I've just been a bit overwhelmed in terms of time management. I have, however, been listening to a ton of music. So, I got the idea that while I'll continue to do select interviews, for the time being I'd focus for a while on music reviews. It's not that writing music reviews is necessarily easier than publishing interviews, but it is something that I can more easily manage in terms of my time commitment. So that's what you'll be seeing here for a bit.

However, the intention here is to think a bit differently about music reviews. So, don't expect scores or points or star systems. There won't be any AOTY list or any top tens. Won't be much gossip and it's unlikely you''ll see either hagiography or hit pieces. What you will see is a lot of writing about music and what it means to listen to and experience music. Bands and PRs are welcome to send new releases (Bandcamp links are best) to me via DM @bornwithhair or by email if you happen to have that.

So, I hope you enjoy this new chapter in the history of Growls and Shrieks. Reviews will be coming soon.

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