db on the relaunch of Euphoriadic: An Interview

Stop what you are doing and go pick up the new Euphoriadic compilation right now. Then come back and read this interview with the mastermind, db.

Today we're talking to db about the relaunch of the Euphoriadic label and the brand new kick-off compilation — Strange and Unusual Sounds.

Weirding: There's a great variety on the comp. Talk to me about how you chose or selected artists. Was there a common theme, musical or otherwise?

db: It comes down to what I was thinking about for what Euphoriadic is as a label. I wanted to have bands/artists who do things that are a little different. Ones who push the boundaries of the genres they would be defined by... and perhaps create new ones.

Weirding: A label on the fringes, on the outside.

db: I'm hoping to create a thing with Euphoriadic that is a little on the outside. Whether I succeed or not we will see — but that is what I'm going for. So when I was thinking about the compilation and how I wanted to present it I thought about the old EC horror comics like Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, and The Haunt of Fear

Weirding: Classic stuff that came out of that "Weird Tales" tradition.

db: I've always loved the look and feel of those. I see the compilation in a similar way. I'm presenting to you this variety of oddities that I have found and collected.

Weirding: So, "strange" and "unusual"... How do you define those words? What do they mean to you?

db: I wanted to have a tagline. Something like horror movies would have on the poster to really grab someone's attention. 

"The night He came home." 

"Who will survive and what will be left of them?" 

"They won't stay dead!"  

It should be short and memorable and I also wanted it to describe what you would find when you look at the releases. I thought about different descriptor words, and "strange and unusual" definitely stuck out as ways to describe the kind of music I wanted to put out. It wasn't until I had settled on it that I remembered probably why those two words together felt right, but I think that just helps its case.

Weirding: Talk to me about the zine. How did the idea come together to do the combination of comp and zine?

db: I want to have something physical to go with all the releases on the label — going forward, at least. One thing that I liked about a lot of punk and hardcore and underground comps in the 90's is they would have a zine to go with the compilation. 

Weirding: I remember it like it were yesterday.

db: Usually they would give a page for each band to put whatever they wanted. Typically the bands would just put the lyrics and contact information over some photo collage or some artwork they made. For the Strange and Unusual Sounds series I wanted to do something like that. 

As I thought about it more I felt like I could include visual artists too. I strongly believe the visual aspect of a band is a really big deal and the artists that contribute to that are sometimes overlooked. I felt that for a compilation, not only could I ask bands to be a part of it, but since I had a zine I could also ask visual artists.

Weirding: It's a great idea.

db: I hope to do more things like that in the future, too.

Weirding: Last time we chatted, we discussed your process of mastering. It's tricky enough when you are working on a single artist's album... what is it like mastering a comp?

db: Funny enough I didn't master these songs.  I was going to make myself available if people wanted me to help them out, but everyone involved had a particular way they wanted to do their songs — which is fine by me. 

I really wanted everyone to feel free to be as creative as they want with what they were doing for the comp. Sometimes what they want to do with the master is part of that creative process for them. In the end, this will add to the variety of the sounds you hear.

Weirding: So, last thing... if this is a relaunch of your label, what are your plans? You have some things lined up for future release?

db: I had to put a lot of plans on hold as we decided to move to a different state this summer. Moving a family is a big process and going across the country adds so many layers of complication. 

Weirding: Complication during compiling of a compilation is complicated.

db: Yeah, I'm more settled now and starting to get things back in working order. So nothing concrete yet.

Weirding: "Yet"... so there will be future releases.

db: I was hoping to announce something soon, but I'm still working out the details. I will say Volume Two of Strange and Unusual Sounds is planned for spring of next year. So keep your eyes peeled for details about that as it comes together. 


Strange and Unusual Sounds on Euphoriadic: https://euphoriadic.bandcamp.com/

Now accepting demos and submissions of people and bands that feel like they would be a good fit for Volume Two of Strange and Unusual Sounds.  Send an email to EUPHORIADIC @ GMAIL . COM.

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