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Colby Hink from Wormwitch: An Interview

Wormwitch are a band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Caught up with Colby Hink, guitarist of Wormwitch, to discuss the band's new album — including the recording sessions, the important of song sequencing, and more.  (photo credit: Lucien Xavier) Weirding : I know you've said that you pounded out the vocals in a single session and that it was very DIY. Give me more color on that. How this was different from past experiences? Colby Hink : This was actually the first time we’ve recorded vocals ourselves since our demo. We really wanted to have an open and laid back approach to the vocal tracking, so we decided to record them just Robin — who's on bass and vocals — and I at our practice space in East Vancouver. We share a small but comfortable practice space with some other great local bands near the port. We just got in there with some weed and some beers and Robin nailed the vocals in one weekend. I know he likes to wait until the last minute to write vocals and lyrics bec

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