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Jean Farraige from Bornwithhair: An Interview

Jean Farraige wrote the story around which Bornwithhair’s new album is based. Today we’ve got a quick chat with Jean Farraige, one half of Bornwithhair. In addition to a bit of background on the story underlying the new album, she talks a bit about belief, fantasy, reality, and the dangers we are all facing. Weirding : The theme of the new album started with an idea you had. JF : I was toying with the idea of how someone grows to believe something contrary to reality so fervently that they would be willing to die for it. Weirding : Yes, and if I recall, the outline of this story was about a magic box. It was sort of a fantasy about this magic box. The box was like a childhood friend that eventually goes missing. But then the box — when it reappears much later in life — seems to overwhelm and come to control whoever held it. JF : When you are a child, it is easy to tap into the wonder of a fantasy and get lost in it. But as you get older, the world sort of takes over and you can't g

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