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NEW ALBUM RELEASE: Bornwithhair: 'When the Witches Fall' is out today on Trepanation Recordings

Bornwithhair release new album of blackened death rock NEW ALBUM RELEASE: 'When the Witches Fall' is out today on Trepanation Recordings. Bornwithhair's new album is now available via Bandcamp and all of the major streaming services. Pick it up on limited edition cassette or digital . All songs were written, performed, and recorded by the multi-instrumentalist duo of Jean Farraige and Weirding Batweilder. The album was recorded and mixed throughout the summer of 2021 and features seven songs combining avant-garde black metal, noise and gothic rock, and dark psychedelia into a fresh form of blackened death rock. Heavily influenced by experimental and underground film, the duo refer to their sound as Arthouse Metal. When the Witches Fall by Bornwithhair The cassette release artwork was designed by the band and features a painting in the public domain composed by the 19th century artist William Holbrook Beard. The band has been issuing coded messages, ciphers, and puzzles publ

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