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SW from Lunar Cult: An Interview

SW, aka Lunar Cult, is a musician from Derby, UK. Lunar Cult has been called black metal chiptune, and stylistically that makes sense once you hear it. But it's the world-building nature of the project that really draws you in, and we have the opportunity to talk a bit about that in this week's interview. Weirding : The first track on your most recent album has this really interesting sort of of polyrhythm going on between the main theme played on the keys and the percussion. And there are subtle varieties, arpeggios, and harmonies throughout. I'm interested in the ways that you think about composing and combining sounds. SW : When I first started making music as Lunar Cult, the songs were almost something I stumbled upon — I’d start off writing melodies and rhythms almost at random, pick out the parts which appealed to me most strongly, and then really began writing the songs from there. But with Death Cannot Contain You , it was done in a much more structured and planned

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